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When you have sewer pipe breaks or Root intrusions and don’t want to dig up your lawn, or are concerned about the costs that may be involved, Pipe Sleeving or Pipe lining may be a great option to correct the functionality and use of your sewer system.  Sawtooth Underground in Boise, Idaho is able to quickly and efficiently remove any obstructions and reline your pipes to get your system running very quickly.

Pipe Sleeving, Pipe Lining – Boise, ID

Are you facing a broken pipe but dreading the disruption to your property? Consider pipe lining as an alternative to traditional pipe replacement.

Pipe sleeving or lining offers a swift and durable solution to pipe damage without disturbing your yard. This trenchless technique involves applying a lining to the inside of the pipe, eliminating the need for excavation and preserving your landscaping and pavement. Not only does this method save time and effort, but it also proves cost-effective.


Sewer Pipe Lining Repair – Boise, ID

Another one of our trenchless pipe solutions is Pipe Sleeving or Pipe Lining. This method removes any disruption of the top layer.  Sawtooth Underground simply gains access to the beginning and end of the pipe where we can insert and maneuver the new lining.

Pipe Lining – Boise, ID

Pipe lining, also referred to as cured-in-place piping (CIPP), entails the utilization of a flexible tube coated with resin. This tube is heated to a pliable temperature, inserted into the damaged pipe, and allowed to cool and solidify. As a result, any leaks are filled, restoring full functionality to the pipe.

The installation of lining does not necessitate excavation of the pipe, minimizing the risk of damage to your property, whether it be your home, office, or yard. Additionally, the epoxy resin used to secure the lining does not pose any harm to the surrounding environment. Moreover, due to the thinness of the linings, typically only a few millimeters thick, there is minimal reduction in water flow. In fact, their smoother surface may even enhance water flow efficiency.






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