Water Service Repair
Water Main repair & Replacement
Boise, ID

Sawtooth Underground provides water system repair and replacement along with Water Main repair and replacement in Boise, ID. We specialize in providing reliable and efficient water system services from leaks, pipe breaks, accidental damage and other issues that reside underground outside your home or office. We are dedicated to ensuring the proper operation of your water system as we diagnose and repair any water problems you may have.

Main Water Line Repair – Boise, ID

Do you have a leaking Main Water line?  Is you water bill increasing without explanation? If so you could have a break or leak in the Main line running into your home or office from the utility.

A sudden decrease in water pressure is one sign of a potential water Main Break or leak or if you experience unexpected spikes in water bills without a change in usage patterns, water stains or damp spots in your yard, and persistent wet areas are all potential signs of a malfunctioning main water line. Additionally, if you hear running water when no fixtures are in use or notice unexplained puddles in your yard, driveway, or basement, it could indicate a problem with your water line.

It’s advisable to schedule periodic inspections of your main water line, ideally every 1 to 2 years, especially for older properties or those situated in areas prone to issues such as tree root intrusion, soil shifting, or extreme temperature changes. However, if you observe any signs of leaks, reduced water pressure, or other irregularities, it’s crucial to arrange an inspection promptly to prevent further damage.

Ignoring leaks or damages in the main water line can lead to significant water damage to your property’s foundation, walls, or landscaping over time. Persistent leaks may result in higher water bills and the growth of mold or mildew, posing health hazards. Eventually, neglecting main water line issues could result in complete failure, causing a sudden loss of water supply and necessitating expensive emergency repairs.

Regular inspections conducted by professional plumbers can help detect potential issues early on. Be cautious during landscaping activities, especially when planting trees, to avoid damage from invasive roots. Proper winterization with insulation and drainage helps prevent freezing. Avoid placing heavy objects over areas where the main water line is located to prevent damage, and monitor water usage and bills for sudden increases that may indicate leaks.

If you are noticing any of these types of issues call Sawtooth Underground for a Boise area Water Main Consultation.

Water System Repair, Replacement – Boise, ID

When the water system that supplies your home or office requires attention, we are your best choice to diagnose, repair or replace your water system. We offer full service maintenance, replacement and repair of your main water lines and water systems.


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